The Regent Hotel was constructed in 1951 by Tom Tucker for his Mum, Mabel Tucker. She was known locally as Ma Tucker (both pictured). Building the Regent has been described as an "herculean effort" as Tom Tucker carried out most of the concrete construction on his own. His technique was extraordinary because in the late 1940s there was no patented formwork, ready-mixed concrete or cranes to make the job lighter.

Tom Tucker also built a few stylish Deco houses in Launceston before attempting the Regent Hotel. This one pictured is at Hobart Road, Kings Meadows and is an Art Deco shop and house which were typical of the ones he built there in the five years after the war.

After running the Regent Hotel for 12 years, Mrs Tucker sold it to the Tasmanian Brewery and it was leased to licensee Dick Jones and later to former Cooee football club player Max Green.



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