Carter and Peace

Carter and Peace operated as a building company in Burnie from 1920 until they closed in the 1970s. The company was set up by A.H. (Alf Carter) and J.C Peace.

Carter and Peace were responsible for many of the prominent commercial buildings in the Burnie CBD. These include the Lincoln building on Cattley St, Maples furniture store (now the Rivers Store) and the Subway building on the corner of Wilmot and Wilson Sts, the North West Butter company (cnr Spring St and Marine Tce), The Hobart Savings Bank (now St Lukes) and some of the prominent local houses including “Arden” in Wilson Street.

Mr Carter was very particular about details and could reportedly spot a fault in construction from half a block away. Carter and Peace buildings were known for their stylish construction, solid double brick and timber work. They had a reputation as the best known and most prestigious building firm in North West Tasmania during its time of operation.

A relative of the founder, Mr Alf Carter, Tom Carter continued in the business from the 1930s until it closed in the 1970s. Tom Carter’s son, Donal Carter, told us that Carter and Peace built the original Burnie Town Hall which was torn down and he remembers being in the street with his father when they were demolishing it in 1978. He says he remembers his father crying saying “look what they’re doing to my lovely building” but saying “You can’t stop progress I suppose.”

Carter and Peace’s construction premises were located in Wilson where Toyworld is now. The site included a sawmill, joinery and building yard.

Numerous local builders learned their trade with the company, including builders who became prominent in their own right. One of these was Lou Stubbs who was employed as an apprentice of Carter and Peace between 1934 and 1938. He later developed his own company, Stubbs construction, which went on to incorporate a joinery, hardware retailer and wholesaler of building supplies on the North West Coast.

Local builders including Aubrey Keene, Pat Streets, Roy Preece and Ken Vincent were apprentices of Carter and Peace in the 1930s and 1940s.

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