Sir Sidney Blythe

Government Architect
Department of Public Works 1938 to 1949

Blythe was one of three State government architects in Australia whose ‘collective work represents an important addition to existing architectural histories of the Australian interwar period’. The prominent architect and writer Barry McNeil regards Blythe’s work of this period as representing “the point at which Tasmanian architecture broke from tradition ushering in a modern age”.

In addition to his work as an architect, Blythe made a significant contribution to architectural education in Tasmania as inaugural head of the school of architecture at the Hobart Technical College.

The election of the Ogilvie Labour government in 1934 resulted in a vast public works program to create new jobs. Among the significant (and recognized) schools designed by Blythe in Tasmania in the next fifteen years were:

Hobart Technical School (1938 re-model),

Ogilvie High School, (1936, Hobart),

Goulburn Street School (1943, Hobart),

Campbell Town School.

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