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Burnie Art Deco Trail video
narrated by Robin Grow,
President of the Art Deco Society


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Welcome to the Burnie Art Deco Trail

Burnie is a city in north-western Tasmania that erupted at the peak of the international architectural movement known as Art Deco. It is a celebration of the modern age and an advertisement for the bright future that was to come about as a result of industrialisation of the age.

Most significantly the potent hydro electricity generated by Tasmania's Hydro Electric Commission (HEC) was able to attract new industry despite the depression years. In Burnie that new industry came in the form of the Australian Pulp and Paper Mill, known locally as "the Pulp". Between them the Hydro and the Pulp were responsible for a series of striking commercial and industrial buildings and also for a network of smart private homes to comfortably house the new executives that came to town.


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